February 2014

Do Londoners Really Understand Inheritance Tax

Despite being the group most likely to be struck hard by tax, a recent study showed that two-thirds of affluent Londoners are uninformed on the issue of inheritance tax. This year the current tax threshold stands at £325,000. This means that people who are given over this amount in inheritance are taxed on assets at the 40% rate and those who receive under this amount pay no tax at all. With an...

Is The UK Set To Become A Nation Of Renters

As supply continues to outstrip demand, the UK is edging ever closer to becoming a nation of ‘renters’, with over 15% of all UK Homes now in the private rented sector. This is predicted to rise by 33% over the next 8 years, and a predicted 1 in 5 households will be renting by 2018, according to CBI. Quite simply we haven’t been building enough houses in London for 30 years so there is not going to be...

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