February 2023

Managing Multiple Rentals: Tips for?London Landlords

How do portfolio landlords deal with the multitude of tasks and mountains of red tape that come with managing several properties? Read on to find out. Owning a portfolio of rental properties can be a great way to earn income and build up a tidy nest egg for the future. But be warned: you can’t afford to wing it. If you’re disorganised with deposits, rent payments, inventories and maintenance, you’ll...

Why Now Is the Right Time to Buy Property in Central London

If 2023 was the year you were going to buy a new home, it’s fair to say that the gloomy news headlines might have you rethinking things a bit. Is it the right time to buy? Should you rent instead? Should you move in with your nearest and dearest and hope they don’t mind?  It’s a tricky one. But when the housing market is rockier than a Bon Jovi concert, you might feel more apprehensive than...

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