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This Free Service Could Help Stop Fraudsters Targeting Your London Property

The expression ‘safe as houses’ has been used for almost two centuries to describe something that is rock-solid and risk-free. But thanks to the elaborate efforts of a small but growing number of fraudsters, not even property is as safe as you think. Since the pandemic, there’s been a steady

Key Findings from the Renters Reform Bill Second Reading

The UK property landscape is evolving, and with the Renters Reform Bill having its second reading, it’s crucial for landlords to stay informed. The bill aims to balance the scales, providing security for renters and assurance for landlords. Here’s what you need to know: Key Changes Proposed by the Bill

Five Rental Myths That Haunt London Landlords: A Halloween Special

In this Halloween Special, we look at five scary things landlords in London need to be mindful of to avoid nightmares.  1. The ghostly guarantee of quick tenants  Some letting agents will convince landlords that finding tenants is a quick and painless process. However, rushing it without proper checks and

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