Give your property the ultimate market advantage

Standing out in a crowded and challenging market is no longer a bonus, it’s a necessity. 

MyLondonHome will create a 3D virtual model of your property so prospective buyers can view your property, anywhere, anytime, without having to actually visit the property in person.

How Do 3D Viewings Work?

1 Book Your 3D Session 2 Prepare Your Property 3 We Scan Your Property 4 Your 3D Model Is Ready

1. Book Your 3D Session

One of the very first things our brokers do when you sign up to sell your property with us, is to book in photos, a 3D tour and floor plan. Talk to your broker to arrange a suitable time for this to take place. For a typical 2 bedroom property, this can take around 2.5 hours in total (for photos, 3D and a floorplan), but this does depend on the size of the property, as the photographer has to capture a scan every 5-8 feet.

2. Prepare Your Property 

Your home will need to be tidy, just like for photos. All we ask is that your home is presented in its best light for you to really benefit from the 3D scan. With a 3D scan, there is nowhere to hide, so, please make sure your home is cleared of any clutter you do not want to see on the scan. 

3. We Scan Your Property

We create a 3D scan of your property using state of the art equipment and software. Our own in-house photographer will carry out the scan, which on a typical 2 bedroom home will take around 1.5 hours. We recommended where possible, you pop out for a coffee whilst the photographer scans your property. There can be no people in the room whilst a scan is taking place, so popping out whilst the photographer scans the property saves you having to move from room to room as the photographer works through the property.

4. Your 3D Model is Ready! 

Once your scan is complete, it is processed and ready to view. We will include your 3D tour in marketing materials and always offer buyers a chance to view the virtual tour first, to ensure we only bring serious buyers round to view the property in person.

Book a Valuation and 3D Session

3D viewings can attract more qualified buyers who spend more time looking at your property. Research in Texas has shown that buyers are 95% more likely to enquire about homes with a 3D virtual viewing and up to 20% more offers were received without a physical viewing being conducted. And while it is too early for us to concur with those stats, our experience so far is that serious buyers find the 3D virtual viewings a huge benefit. Over the Covid-19 lockdown period, we have used 3D viewings and received offers on the basis of those 3D virtual viewings. So it works!

"Research has found that properties listed with a 3D viewing sold for up to 9% more and completed up to 31% faster" 

Even with the easing of the previous lockdown, we had many buyers wishing to see a 3D virtual viewing before committing to a physical viewing. And now we are about to enter another lockdown, 3D Viewings is still the safest way to conduct viewings and ensure only serious buyers view your property in person. Sellers without a 3D viewing will be reducing their market reach significantly. In fact, the property portals are now allowing buyers to sort listings, just showing the ones with 3D viewings!

With a 3D viewing, prospective homebuyers can conduct their own walkthrough in their own time. A huge benefit to you is that these virtual walkthroughs filter out unqualified buyers and time-consuming viewings.

The 3D viewings can be viewed on any device, a phone, tablet or desktop pc and even VR goggles to give the full virtual reality experience. Devices are available in our offices for buyers to virtually inspect properties prior to booking physical viewings.

The 3D immersive experience is just not possible using traditional photos and videos.


Take a look at some examples: 

We are including 3D viewings in our usual sole-agency package, saving you up to £400.

Book a Valuation and 3D Session

So if you want your very own one of these 3D models to help sell your property, speak to us now to discuss your property marketing and to book your 3D session.


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