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Six Things People Forget to Pack When They Go on Holiday

Heading off on holiday is always exciting, but it’s easy to forget essential items in the last-minute rush to pack. As we approach the busy holiday months of August and September, here’s a reminder of six commonly forgotten items that could make or break your trip. 1) Chargers and adapters

Common Rental Terms Every Renter Needs to Know

Lettings terminology can be confusing, especially if you’re new to renting. So, here’s a jargon-busting list of commonly used rental terms to help you navigate the lettings market*. Agent An agent is a person who acts on behalf of the property owner (i.e. the landlord). Agents can be involved in

How AI Could Transform Home Selling in London

Many tech experts predict that artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionise how we live in the future. So, what impact will AI have on the home selling process? Here’s a quick look at how AI might influence the property market in years to come and why estate agents will always have

Keep Your London Home Safe While You’re Away

With the excitement of the summer holiday season upon us, making sure your home is safe and secure while you’re away sunning yourself needs to be on your to-do list. Here are six practical tips to give you peace of mind and keep your property safe during your well-earned break.

Material Information: What Sellers Should Disclose When Listing a Property in London

Before you list your home, be prepared for your estate agent to go on a fact-finding mission. They’ll ask you lots of questions about your property because they’re following industry best practice by compiling what’s known as ‘material information’. This is defined as “information which the average consumer needs, according

Eight Things to Consider if a Tenant Abandons Your Rental

Property abandonment is a rare but complex issue that, if mishandled, can get a landlord in legal trouble. So, let’s look at the key things to consider if a tenant abandons your rental without notice. What is abandonment? When a tenant leaves a rental before the end of their contract

Labour Landslide… What’s Next for the Property Market?

After weeks of campaigning, the general election is done. The worst-kept secret of 2024 is out. We have a new Labour government in the UK, with the party winning by a landslide. Maybe you’re pleased, disappointed or not that bothered. But the fact the election is done ought to be

Game, Set, Match: The Wimbledon Approach to Selling Your London Home

With Wimbledon now in its first week, many people around the globe are captivated by the extraordinary skill and determination of the tennis stars gracing SW19. But have you ever thought about the similarities between these elite athletes and top estate agents? Probably not, and it might seem unlikely, but

The Impact of AI on London’s Rental Sector

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making tsunami-like waves across various industries, and the UK rental sector is no exception. For landlords, understanding how AI might shape the future of property management is important for maximising their investment and protecting their assets. Here’s a glimpse into the potential changes AI could bring

The Trending Interiors to Look Out for in London

If you dream of swapping the pressures of everyday life for sipping piña coladas on an idyllic beach, then you’ll love the newest interior design look: tropicore. In its annual trend forecast, Pinterest predicts that tropicore will boom. The social media giant says searches for ‘tropical chic décor’ are up

Test Your Landlord Knowledge – How Would You Deal with These Dilemmas?

When it comes to being a successful landlord, it pays to heed the words of Forrest Gump. The slow-witted, kind-hearted fictional character played by Tom Hanks on the big screen uttered a phrase that should serve as a guiding motto for all landlords. “Life is like a box of chocolates;

Eight of the Best Bangers and Ballads to Listen to on Moving Day

Moving home can be an emotional rollercoaster, a mixture of sad goodbyes and exciting new beginnings interspersed with lots of packing and unpacking. So, to help you get through the big day and to mark World Music Day (21 June), we’ve put together a moving playlist. Here’s a list of

The Dos and Don’ts of Deposit Deductions: Advice for London Landlords

When a tenancy ends, there’s often confusion – and sometimes disputes – over what a landlord can claim as a deposit deduction.  So, let’s look at what’s reasonable to claim and how to avoid deposit disputes in the first place.  A landlord can deduct funds from a tenant’s deposit to

Six-Step Guide to Selling Your London Home This Summer

The summer solstice, on Thursday (20 June), marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the changing of the seasons. But could the start of summer also be a turning point in your property journey? If you’ve been thinking about moving home for a while, now’s the time to grasp

Using the Five Senses to Find Your Dream Home

Buying a home is a huge undertaking that many property hunters find exciting – but also a bit scary. With so much at stake, what if you make an offer you later regret? Or what if you don’t make an offer and miss out on a great deal? If you often

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