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Conservatives Promise No Capital Gains Tax for Landlords Selling to Tenants

Shock policy proposals yesterday by the Conservative Party, as reported by the BBC and Letting Agent Today, introduce significant incentives for landlords. The key proposal is the scrapping of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for landlords who sell properties to their tenants. This move could have a big impact for landlords,

Seven Must-Ask Questions for Your Estate Agent

Choosing the right estate agent is a big step on the road to successfully selling your home. But with so many agents making big promises to win your business, how can you identify the genuine professionals from the wheeler dealers? Meeting different agents at the start of the process can leave

Rental Red Flags: Warning Signs London Landlords Should Look Out For

If you’re a landlord, you can probably think of nothing worse than your rental sitting empty. The prospect of covering the mortgage and utility bills in between tenancies may keep you awake at night. And there are security implications too: a lengthy void period may invalidate your landlord insurance and

Protecting Your London Property: Security Steps for Landlords

When summer arrives, the issue of property security becomes even more relevant for landlords. The summer months provide more opportunity for thieves to take advantage of longer days, open windows and doors, and vacant properties. As a landlord, you need to protect your investment, but it’s also good practice to

Five Factors to Consider when Setting Rent in London

Setting the correct rental price for your property is essential to attract the best tenants and maximise the return on your investment. Too high, and you won’t get that all-important awareness and interest. Too low, and you’ll be out of pocket. Here are five key considerations every landlord should keep

Understanding How Property Leases Work in London

Understanding the various property tenures in is helpful for homebuyers in making informed decisions. In a world where jargon often replaces plain talking, this article demystifies the terms freehold, leasehold and flying freehold. It highlights the differences and implications they have regarding property ownership. Freehold Freehold properties are the most

The Biggest Challenge Facing London Landlords Today – And How to Tackle It

One issue, above all else, causes landlords sleepless nights. Can you guess what it is? Could it be maintenance and repairs? Or maybe it’s worrying about the rent being paid on time? If you answered one of the above, thanks for playing, but you’re mistaken. The biggest challenge landlords currently

Walk This May: Why You Should Step Out in London This Month 

There’s an old saying: The simple things in life are often the best. And when it comes to exercise, what could be simpler than putting one foot in front of the other? While there are countless ways to get fit, nothing matches the ease and accessibility of walking. You can

The Three Home Improvements That Impress Buyers the Most

When it comes to home improvements, it’s wise to think carefully before you splash the cash. Homes renovated to a high standard attract more buyer interest and sell more quickly. However, not all refurbishment works will bring you the same rate of return. Buyers tend to pay particular attention to

Pouring Positivity: Join Others in London Coming Together This Week

The charity, Dementia UK’s Time for a Cuppa Week, runs from 1 to 8 May. It serves as a timely reminder of the simple yet profound benefits of pausing for a cup of tea and a chat. Whether it’s catching up with friends, connecting with colleagues, or contacting those who

How Mortgages Differ around the World – A Guide for London Homeowners

If you’re paying off a mortgage on a property in , you’ll be well aware of how the mortgage market works in the UK. But how do they do things in the rest of the world? Let’s look at how people in other countries get on the housing ladder. The Netherlands While

How to Boost Your London Rental Property’s Value and Appeal

Some landlords, actually many, have an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach to their rental property’s upkeep. But by proactively refurbishing and modernising your rental properties, you can realise a host of benefits that will attract premium tenants and add long-term value to your investment. Here are seven

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