Triple Win at The ESTAS 2023: Why We're Among the Best Estate Agents and Letting Agents in London
We're absolutely delighted to announce that MyLondonHome has been honoured with three awards at The Estate and Letting Agents Customer Service Awards 2023
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Take a look at some of our latest articles, news and guides about the London property market.

The Truth behind London Property Valuations

In this quick read, we delve into the importance of accurate valuations – and how to price your property with precision. Don’t be tricked into high listing prices The saying “stick it on high and wait for offers” is a common myth that doesn’t align with current market trends. A

Is Your Rental Being Used for Criminal Activity? Here’s What to Look for

It’s every landlord’s worst nightmare: you discover the people you thought were trusted tenants are actually crooks using your property for illegal activity. As a result, you face hefty repair bills, loss of income and a battle with your insurer. You may also find yourself at the centre of a police

Five Property-Hunting Tips for London Homebuyers 

Buying a home is a huge decision – possibly one of the biggest you’ll make in your lifetime (no pressure then).  And to ensure you make a wise choice that suits your needs now and into the future, it pays to give the process a bit of thought before you

Why Autumn is the Season to Sell Your London Home 

If you’re considering listing your property for sale, we have some good news.    Traditionally, there’s a surge in serious buyers coming to the market in autumn after the summer lull – so you’ve timed your move wisely.   But what’s the psychology driving property hunters at this time of year? And

Trustworthy Tradespeople: A Landlord’s Guide to Stress-Free Property Maintenance 

It’s up there with late rents, messy tenants and broken boilers on a landlord’s Headache-ometer.  What are we talking about?   Finding (and keeping) tradespeople you can trust to look after any property maintenance or issues landlords need to get sorted.  In this article, we share five tried, tested and trustworthy

How Government Plans May Be Good News for London Landlords 

Over the last few years, landlords have faced many changes. Tax reforms, rental reforms and energy efficiency measures have meant renting out properties is more complex (and expensive) than ever. But with changes to Government plans announced last Wednesday, is good news on the horizon?   Last week, controversial (and costly

Should You List Your Home before Hunting for a New One? 

If your dreams of buying a new home rely on the sale of your existing property, then there’s one fundamental question you need to answer.  Are you going to look for a new home first and then list your property – or do things the other way around?  While both

How to Make Your London Rental Pet-Friendly 

If you’re a landlord looking to attract long-term tenants, it’s worth thinking about ways to make your investment property as appealing as possible.   And one area you may have overlooked is the army of British pet owners who need a rental property, and want to make their furry friends as

Fun Activities to Do in London in Autumn 

With the days getting cooler and the leaves turning red and yellow, it’s time to embrace the change in season with these fun autumn activities.  Go bonkers for conkers  What better way to introduce children to the joys of nature than by going on a conker hunt?  Put on your

Should You Sell or Rent Out Your London Home?  

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a financial position where you can rent out your home instead of selling it, should you take the leap?   After all, if you don’t need to sell to fund your next move, renting your property is an option worth exploring.  Here, we explore


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