Triple Win at The ESTAS 2023: Why We're Among the Best Estate Agents and Letting Agents in London
We're absolutely delighted to announce that MyLondonHome has been honoured with three awards at The Estate and Letting Agents Customer Service Awards 2023
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Take a look at some of our latest articles, news and guides about the London property market.

The Six Different Types of Homebuyers Sellers Need to Know About 

Want to fast-track your property sale by getting your marketing just right?  Then, spend some time thinking about the type of buyer most likely to fall in love with your home, and ensure you target them.  Once you’ve identified the type (or types) of buyers looking for a property like

We’ve Gone Back to Our Roots

When MyLondonHome was established in 2002, we pioneered a unique approach as one of the first hybrid agencies. Instead of a traditional high street presence, we operated from an office building. This allowed us to allocate more of our resources towards effective marketing strategies, connecting with a diverse range of

How to Become an Ace Bargain Hunter during Second-Hand September

Looking for a way to save cash, be kind to the environment and help a good cause? Then roll up your sleeves and go hunting for a second-hand bargain.  As this month is Second-Hand September*, now’s the time to up your game when shopping for ‘pre-loved’ clothes, shoes, furniture and

The Golden Rules of Setting Your Monthly Rent

If you’re a first-time landlord about to rent out a property, or an established landlord looking to purchase a new investment, one of the main questions you’ll have is how much rent you can charge per month. Of course, you can (and should) take the advice of your agent, but

Property Negotiations: Tips to Help You Seal a Successful Deal 

When it comes to preparing for a property sale, most sellers focus on the early stage of the process: sprucing up their home and choosing an agent to manage the marketing.  But there’s another element to nailing a successful property deal that gets less attention but is just as critical:

Five Ways to Make Your Home a More Joyful Place  

Everyone needs a little bit of joy. And these days, finding joy has become a big business. There are gratitude journals, exercise programmes, spiritual practices and much, much more to help you achieve happiness, but what about finding joy in your surroundings?   Your home environment is essential to your happiness

Have You Inspected Your London Rental Recently? 

As a landlord, you’ve probably experienced that feeling of dread when your tenant’s name flashes up on your phone, reporting a problem.   Or how about the horror of receiving the news that you’re going to have to pay for urgent (and expensive) repairs?   If either of these situations sound familiar,

Six Things to Ask Your Partner Before You Start Your Property Search

Buying a property with a partner can be an exciting next step in a relationship.  Swapping paying rent or living with family for cosy nights with your beloved in your own home can be a blissful prospect.  But before you arrange a series of viewings in a giddy rush of

Tips to Help Your Kids Get Over Back to School Jitters

No matter what your child’s age, the first day back at school can feel overwhelming. Whether it’s their first day in Reception, the start of a major exam year or just back into the daily grind of lessons, lunchtimes, and the school routine – it can feel like a lot.  

Should You Invest in a Turnkey Buy-to-Let or a Renovation Project?

Whether you’re an established landlord or a first-time investor, you’ll probably be thinking about what to buy: a ready-to-go rental or a doer-upper. Which one should you pick?   Currently, many changes are being made around rental rules, and reports claim that many landlords are selling up. However, there are still


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