Bored of Your London Rental Property? How to Decorate without Annoying Your Landlord
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Whether your rental property is a blank space you just sleep in, or it’s a new family property, it’s important to make it feel like home. So, how can you fall in love with your rental without breaching tenancy rules? 

You could be a long-term renter or maybe a flat-sharer, but one thing is for sure, making the space your own will immediately change the way it looks and feels. 

In this quick read, we look at ways to love your rental without falling foul of any tenancy agreement rules and stipulations. 

Check what’s allowed 

Before you decide to do anything, make sure you know what you can and can’t do. Whilst your deposit is protected by law, you could lose it by changing the décor without permission. The same goes for drilling holes into the walls.

As a tenant, you don’t automatically have the right to make any alterations to décor, but if you’re keen to change things, have a chat with your landlord to see if they’re open to suggestions. Remember, a landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance, not for redecorating. 

Landlords know that good tenants are hard to find, so if you’re willing to invest in a property to improve the way it looks, they may take a favourable view. 

1. Furnished or unfurnished? 

If you’ve moved into an unfurnished property, then installing your own things will automatically make a house or flat feel more like your home. It might just be a bed or wardrobe, but at least it’s yours.

Have a think about what’s important to you before you start looking for a rental. Do you want your own bits and bobs, or are you happy to make do with what’s provided. 

2. Go green

Plants are a great way to make a space seem homely, and they won’t breach your tenancy agreement. If you’re green-fingered, go crazy with house plants around the property to brighten things up. If you can’t keep a cactus alive, then there are plenty of inexpensive plastic plants available that look great and never lose their leaves. 

3. Photos and art 

Framed photos of you and your loved ones (or whatever you like) immediately add a personal touch. If you’re thinking about hanging frames or pictures on the wall, look for options that don’t leave a mark once removed. Think about creative ways to display art, like easels or (if it’s large enough) propped up against a wall. 

4. Cosy additions 

Just because a sofa comes with cushions on top of it doesn’t mean you have to use them. Pack them away for safekeeping and add your own colourful pillows/cushions to chairs and sofas to surround yourself with things you love. Blankets and throws are also a great way to personalise boring pieces of furniture. 

If you’re looking for a new rental property, give MyLondonHome a call today.  020 7227 0045

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