How Will London Homes Look In 2050

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Star Trek fans,look away now.
“It’s a home,Jim, but not as we know it.” The original phrase(we’ve replaced life withahome)didn’t even feature in the popular sci-fi show,apparently, but we’re digressing.
If you’re interested in what life will be like in the homes of 2050,keep reading.
A report commissioned by the respected industry organisation the National House Building Council (NHBC) sees experts look into the future and make predictions around how homes will change.
The report,fittingly called Futurology:The New Home in 2050,makes forfascinating reading.
Below aretenforecasts from across the 40-page report.

Multigenerational living will become increasingly popular. As property prices increase and people live longer,more families will come together to live under one roof.

‘Green roofs’ featuring grassareaswill become the norm toencouragewildlife activity.

Electric car charging points will be a feature of every new home and development.

Smart boxes will replace letterboxes so that deliveries can be safely and securely left.

Due to climate change,homes will need to be more responsive to weather events.In addition, better cooling systems will ensure homes don’t overheat in the potentially warmer summers.

Micro living,for people living on their own,will increase. These smaller homes will be part of developments that offer communal areas, shared services, and cycle storage.

The homes of 2050 could monitor our health and remind us to go for a walk, take medication,or even let us know if the bathwater is too hot.

With demands on homes to be multifunctional,expect to see many more properties with movable walls.

New homes in 2050 will be highly energy-efficient – featuring several ways of capturing, storing, and distributing energy.

Light switches and electrical sockets could become obsolete as movement detectors and voice controls become omnipresent.

If you’re thinking of moving a little earlier than 2050, maybe even this year, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.
We’ll use our expertise and experience to help you on thejourney to a new home in the future.

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