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If you dream of swapping the pressures of everyday life for sipping piña coladas on an idyllic beach, then you’ll love the newest interior design look: tropicore.

In its annual trend forecast, Pinterest predicts that tropicore will boom.

The social media giant says searches for ‘tropical chic décor’ are up 110%. Other popular searches include ‘pineapple mocktails’ (up 70%) and ‘coconut aesthetic’ (up 35%).

So, what is tropicore, and why is it so appealing to interior design enthusiasts?

Tropicore is about bringing elements of a glamorous, sunny holiday destination into your home.

Or, as Pinterest puts it: “Sunscreen-scented nostalgia driven by a desire to escape to a warm, exotic location.”

In contrast to the cool, white restraint of the minimalism interiors trend, tropicore offers an opportunity to be big and bold and have a bit of fun.

You can go all out for a statement look or just add a few tropicore elements to refresh your home.

Here are some tips on bringing a taste of tropicore to your favourite spaces.


Bold colours inspired by lush rainforests, crystal clear waters and glorious sunsets, such as green, turquoise, orange and yellow, are part of the tropicore look. If you don’t want to go over the top, you can opt for muted shades of these colours.


Go for vibrant patterns featuring palm trees, banana leaves, bird of paradise flowers, parrots and pineapples. Use tropical-inspired wallpaper to create a feature wall, or throw some colourful cushions on the sofa.


Natural textures such as rattan, jute or bamboo add an earthy touch and act as a good counterbalance to bold colours and prints.


The easiest way to inject a little tropicore into your home is to invest in some houseplants, which will add a green, lush feel. Other accessories that look great include shell-shaped vases, pineapple lamps, woven baskets and brightly coloured glassware.


Awaken all your senses by adding a few coconut or jasmine-scented candles.

Top tip

On your next beach holiday, buy a homeware item from a local market or stall to bring back and display. You’ll be reminded of your lovely escape to paradise every time you walk past it.

What’s your favourite interiors trend? Let us know in the comments.

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