Buying Rented Properties

Buying and selling properties that are rented out have many benefits for both the outgoing investor and the incoming investor.

For the selling investor, you will receive income until the last moment of ownership, rather than have your asset sitting empty for sometimes month after month.  You will also not need to deal with the disposal of the furniture as they become part of the sale.

For the incoming buy to let investor you get income from day one as well, rather than having to take possession of an empty property, furnish it and look for a tenant.

The incoming investor also benefits from the surety. They can see the rental history, rather than buying an empty unit and having to often take a stab in the dark regarding achievable rents, especially in new developments.

MyLondonHome have been selling rented investment properties in central London since 2002, our experts will guide you every step of the way, whether you are an investor looking to sell a single property or your whole portfolio, or just looking to invest with more certainty than other methods allow.

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