lThis process is more often than not handled by a solicitor; it involves registering the legal title of an area of land with the Land Registry.



lThis is a Government department where the details and particulars of a property with a registered title are recorded.



lThis document details that the Freehold or Leasehold owner of a property leases the premises (or a part of it) to another for an agreed period of time. After this period of time ends, the ownership of the property returns to the Freeholder or superior Leaseholder.



lLeasehold is the ownership of land/property, usually for an agreed period of time. During this period, an annual payment of a ground rent is payable to the owner of the freehold.



lA listed building is of special interest to the public, whether this is historical or architectural. This official listing means that it cannot be demolished or altered without Government approval beforehand.



lThe buyer’s solicitor will carry out checks to ensure that the property in question is not subject to any local authority issues such as road or town planning.



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