Before your new-build property officially completes it is wise to consider having an independent snagging inspection. Often, new homes can have small defects of one sort or another which, if spotted with a keen eye, can be resolved before completion, before you or a tenant takes occupation.

MyLondonHome's Professional Snagging Inspections


MyLondonHome provide professional new-build snagging inspections throughout central London. Our inspectors are highly qualified and experienced, having inspected literally thousands of properties across London. These professional inspections are competitively priced from only £150 + VAT, and you will receive a discount on our services if you then use MyLondonHome's lettings service!

Some of the faults our inspections have uncovered are simple to rectify, others can be costly, and of course, it is so much more difficult to win compensation for a scratched wooden floor or damaged kitchen units after you have sent completion monies and moved in. 

Once a snagging inspection has been successfully completed and negotiated with the developer, we will happily meet the developer on completion and conduct the handover for you. This would typically involve confirming all the features of the property and development, taking possession of keys and swipe cards and completing any paperwork. Our aim is to make the move-in process as smooth as possible.

The service will catalogue the findings of a visual, non-destructive Inspection of the subject property and will assess the quality of workmanship for defects and judge the work against expected standards.


The Service

  • The inspectors main objective is to give the Client professional advice which will enable the Client to agree with the Developer / Builders those works which are to be rectified as a condition of purchase.
  • In the event of a post-purchase Snagging Inspection being carried out to provide the Client with a list of works that require remediation.


The Inspection

a] Accessibility and Voids

The inspector will inspect as much of the surface areas of the structure as is practicable, but will not inspect those areas which were covered, unexposed, or not reasonably accessible.

b] Accessible floors will be inspected, no attempt will be made to raise fixed floorboards. No carpets or floor coverings will be lifted where they are fixed. Loose coverings will be lifted where possible without causing any damage or moving any items of furniture.

c) Ground, Boundaries and Outbuildings

The inspector will carry out an examination of outbuildings, such as conservatories, attached and stand-alone garages, together with boundary fences, but will not provide a detailed report.

Facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums and other communal facilities will not be inspected, nor reported upon. Temporary structures will not be inspected.

The standard of paths, paving, and retaining walls will be briefly commented upon.



The services will be inspected visually but the inspector will carry out no tests nor will he or she assess the efficiency of the electrical, gas, plumbing, heating, or drainage installations, or compliance with current Regulations.

The Builder or Developer should be able to provide relevant Building Regulation Act Compliance Certification in respect of services, which will include self-certification in connection with electrical and heating appliances and installations.


Areas Not Inspected

The inspector will identify any areas which would normally be inspected, but which he or she was unable to inspect. The inspector will not inspect woodwork or other parts of the structure which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible. The inspector will not express an opinion about, nor will he or she advise on the condition of uninspected parts.


Apartments / Flats and Maisonettes

The inspector will inspect only the subject property and garage or any other substantial outbuilding exclusively owned by the inspected property, the related internal and external common parts, and those parts of the structure of the building in which the subject flat is situated. Other flats or properties will not be inspected. The roof space will not be entered or inspected unless it is within the subject flat.


Environmental and Other Issues

The inspector will not comment on Enviro-Search Reports as they are not specific to the property and the information contained therein is too general for us to provide any meaningful comment. Should the Client be concerned as to the aspects of the Environmental Report, we suggest that the matter be referred to the originator of the Report for more detailed comment.


Contamination and Previous Site Use

The inspector will not be required to comment on the possible existence or consequences of harmful or noxious substances, landfill, asbestos, or mineral extraction, or other forms of contamination which affect the site.

Before entering into a legally binding contract the Client is advised to obtain confirmation from the Vendors that the site is not and has not been subject to any contamination. The Client should also ensure that declarations are received from the Vendor, Developer / Builder confirming that either no works have been carried out or describing any works that have been carried out on site - to either separate, mask, reduce, or conceal, any site contamination directly within the curtilage of the development site.


Consents, Approvals and Searches

a] The inspector will assume that the property has been built in compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval.
b] The inspector will assume that the property is unaffected by any matters which would be revealed by a Local Search and replies to the usual enquiries, or by Statutory Notice and that neither the property nor its condition, its use, or its intended use, is or will be unlawful.



The Client will be entitled to cancel this contract by notifying the inspectors office at any time up to the close of business on the day before the inspection. In the case of cancellation, the inspector will refund any money paid by the Client for the service, less a deduction of 10% to allow for administration costs and expenses reasonably incurred.
In the case of cancellation by the inspector, the reason will be explained to the Client.

 cashFees and Expenses

The Client will pay MyLondonHome Property Services the agreed fee for the report and any expressly agreed disbursements in addition. The fee must be paid prior to the Report being issued. The Report will not be released until the fee has been paid and Terms and Conditions are signed and returned.


Restriction on Disclosure

This Report is for the sole use of the named Client and is confidential to the Client and his or her professional advisors. A copy of the Report can be released to the Vendors / Developers. Unless expressly provided no term in the Agreement between the inspector and the Client is enforceable under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any other person other than MyLondonHome Property Services or the Client. Any other parties rely on the Report at their own risk. This Report must not be reproduced in whole or part without the prior written consent of the inspector. We reserve the right to act for and to advise any third party on the same property in the event that a Client decides for any reason not to proceed with the purchase.

Reinspection and Final Inspection Fees

The agreed fee for the service includes one site inspection. Additional site inspections will be charged for at an agreed rate. Payment in full is required prior to the inspection



  • Studio/1 Bed - £150+VAT
  • 2 Bed - £180+VAT
  • 3 Bed - £200+VAT
  • 4 Bed - £220+VAT
  • 5 Bed - £250+VAT

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