What Is Wabi-Sabi and Would It Work in Your Home?

Forget Scandi style or minimalist chic, the interiors trend of the moment is wabi-sabi – an approach to design that’s gentler on the environment and the bank balance. So, what is this concept with the weird rhyming name all about, and could it work for you? Wabi-sabi has been popular in Japan for hundreds of years, where it’s considered more than a design aesthetic but a whole...

Selling Your Home In London Why The Highest Offer Might Not Be Your Best Choice

So, you’re selling your home. You’re looking for the highest price and crossing your fingers for a smooth sale. But is the greatest offer always the best choice?  Well, we wouldn’t be writing this if the answer was yes. Unfortunately, the biggest offer won’t always be the best and there are many reasons why.  It’s not about selling your home for less than it’s worth, but it is about...

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